Thursday, October 10, 2013

Jointless Woodcrafts - Unbelievable

Shravan Chopkar converts so-called 'useless' wood pieces into wonderful sculptures. Shravan Chopkar (born on August 15, 1945) of Durg, Chhattisgarh, creates beautiful joint less single piece wooden articles like miniature temple, house, lamp, a 102ft wooden chanin with 535 links, a 7ft x 3.5ft wooden shawl with 1,032 links etc., out of single blocks of wood. He has been mentioned in the India Book of Records for his art.

Can you imagine artworks made in wood which look like consisting many joints but absolutely have no joints? May sound strange. But that's what actually done by Chopkar. His creations show-historic monuments in India, various objects like-chains, lamps, temples, human figures, wall decorations, belts, necklaces - without any joint! He is the only one in India, who produces such wooden sculptures. He is the creator this new type of wooden sculptures. To prepare these he takes the wood piece, makes the idea what to do with it, and then starts chiseling our the unwanted portion of the wood piece, allowing only wanted part to remain.

In this way, he prepares every link in the wooden chain neatly carved and makes it movable. Similarly, he carves designes on the door of a building, the designs on the border frame, or the different joints in a human body. Chopkar creates other types of sculptures also. He has created astonishing village huts, open well, bullock cart, swing, etc. by joining wooden pieces. He also creates lamp shades, table lamps, by carving coconut shells.


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