Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Anna Hajare : Getting Focused on Improving our Quality Of Life

"Life is the art of drawing sufficient conclusions from insufficient premises."

Yeah! This is the statement of Samuel Butler from Notebooks, 1912. I don’t know how many of us really think to aspect of Quality of Life. Is life really worth living? Why? Take to be the case – it is the boon of science that makes you deathless. What will you then do for a seemingly endless time interval? It is true that there are many such questions help us to put into position just what is satisfying about life and what we would rather discard. But it also highlights that we would not wish to just repeat the same things over and over again – like production line style.

Anna HajareOff course! I agree that we people need noticeable heterogeneity in our lives. If we all continue doing it for eternity then what benefit is it to us or our world? If the answer is "not a lot" then we may wish to reconsider our options and construct a better lifestyle or 'Quality of Life (just watch the movie)' and this is what I consider here.

Yes! Life is best lived when we share insights to inspiring words and deeds with each other. No doubt “our life is our canvass”. It is just a matter that we get to prefer what picture to paint for future recall. What will our bequest be? Will we look back and be satisfied that we gave it our all, or will we be deploring in later years and wondering why we did or did not do something? Leave no questions. I think we need to act on unburdening ourselves by DOING. This is the case all we have seen just couple of days back. Yeah! I am trying little bit to explore H’able Anna Hajare’s work in recent days for JAN LOKPAL BILL. Is he not fought for us to give a “Quality Of Life?” Just Think – You Could Reach One Day! Yeah! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit…. Just Think about JAN LOKPAL BILL…!!!


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